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Your Solution For Portable Power and Safety Lighting Products

Committed To Quality

With more than a half-century of experience, the professionals at Dash Power Products (DPP) are committed to providing only quality portable power and safety lighting products. DPP designs, engineers, and manufacturers specialty portable power and safety lighting products for both general and hazardous location areas. These products have been designed for efficiency and reliability and will provide your project or job site with a complete “ready to deploy” system of transformers, power distribution panels, power cable assemblies, and LED safety lighting that can be installed using quick-connect and disconnect (“plug and use”) style plugs, connectors, and receptacles.

DPP offers a wide range of portable power and safety lighting products for use on new construction projects, maintenance turnarounds, shutdowns, outages, and disaster relief support that are designed to provide 480v/600v, 240v, and 120-volt GFCI protected power for numerous applications such as power tools, welding equipment, temporary facilities (personnel dining facilities, office trailer complexes) just to name a few. To increase safety and reliability, all of these products are grounded thus when installed they provide a complete system that is grounded from start to finish. All products are designed to be installed anywhere on a project worksite both along grade and even vertically in scaffolding in order to provide users with safe and convenient access to temporary power and safety lighting.

From our headquarters in Houston, TX, we can provide standard products, or we can design and manufacture a custom solution to meet your specific requirements. Dash Power Products, LLC. is “Your Solution For Portable Power and Safety Lighting Products”.


What We Offer

Dash Power Products has solutions to fit most requirements with stocking locations in Texas and Louisiana.


Our consulting group is accountable for all technical, financial and commercial coordination reduces risk of problems.


With our systems we create cost efficiencies and enhance implementation processes.


Our design coupled with our chosen technology partners, reduces technical and commercial risks inherent in multiple entities meeting project objectives, including performance, cost and schedule goals.


Our completely grounded system coupled with our design and build group provides the safest most reliable temporary option on the market.


Our design-build group encompass equipment procurement, construction services (site, civil, electrical and structural), arc flash calculations, startup and commissioning, drawings, manuals and project closeout projects for mobilizing and de-mobilization.


Rental and purchase options for all equipment.