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Power Distribution for General Purpose and Hazardous Locations

Dash Power Products equipment is used on new construction sites for temporary power and lighting along with the latest technology for existing sites during shutdowns, turnarounds, and unplanned outages.

Our unique portfolio of specialty electrical products includes portable power distribution panels to large skid-mounted assemblies that are available for both general-purpose (NEMA Type 3R) and hazardous location areas (Class I, Division 2).

These products have been designed for efficiency and reliability and will provide your project or job site with a complete “ready to deploy” system of transformers, power distribution panels, and power cable assemblies that can be installed using quick-connect and disconnect (“plug and use”) style plugs, connectors, and receptacles.

Our products are the ideal solution for providing temporary power and safety lighting for any location including but not limited to; new construction projects, maintenance turnarounds, shutdowns, temporary facilities, and disaster relief support.

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Our Temporary Power Products

Dash Power Products, LLC can provide solutions to meet your requirements for temporary power and safety lighting. With manufacturing and inventory at our facility located in Houston, Texas, we can provide standard products, or we can design and manufacture a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Our “Plug & Use” products are specifically designed and manufactured to provide temporary power safely and efficiently in the harshest environments and applications which include but are not limited to:


Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages, Mining, Drilling


Greenfield, Brownfield

Power Generation

Fossil fuel (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), Nuclear energy, Renewable energy


Shore Power


Disaster Recovery


Festivals, Concerts & Touring

Spyder Boxes

We offer a 50A Spyder box and a line of Spyder Box Distribution Panels that range from 200A – 400A as well as a line of Spyder Box Power Cables and Adapters.

Distribution Panels

Our Distribution Panels are available in 3-PH and 1-PH models ranging from 100A to 400A.

Multi-Voltage I-Line Panels

Our Multi-Voltage I-Line style panels are available in models ranging from 225A to 3000A

Portable Step-Down Transformers

Our Portable Step-Down Transformers are available in 4 wheel cart and Skid Base models ranging from 15kVA to 300kVA.

Portable Distribution Centers

Our Portable Distribution Centers are available for both primary and secondary distribution in 2 wheel cart, 4 wheel cart, and skid base models ranging from 15kVA to 300kVA.

Generator Quick-Connect Panels

Our Generator Quick-Connect Panels are available in models ranging from 100A to 1200A

Generator Maintenance Isolation Panels

Our Generator Maintenance Isolation Panels are the ideal solution to connect and transfer the load from a primary generator to an alternate power source to perform routine maintenance and or service work on the primary generator.

Cable Assemblies

Dash Power Products, LLC., is your complete source for all types of power cable assemblies for any type of temporary power applications including cam-lok style portable generator cables, NEMA and Non-NEMA device cables, and industrial pin & sleeve power cables (IEC-309, CL 1. DV2, and Mil-Spec.).


Cam-Lok style devices in an assortment of sizes and colors, and cable ramp systems for protecting power cable installations for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Custom Solutions

Build to order products – medium and high voltage panelboards, switch racks, control racks, motor starters, safety switches, cable assemblies.